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Customer Support

Your products are essential to keeping your business running smoothly, safely and efficiently. That is why Digital Instruments makes a commitment to quality and care for every product and service we deliver. Because of our outstanding customer care, if your product is ever in need of repair or recalibration, we are there for you every step of the way. One-to-one phone support is available to customers by calling toll free: 1-800-779-2909.


The company offers extended warranties on a majority of its products and can custom plans can be created depending on a client's specific needs.

Depot Repair Service:

Digital Instruments fully supports all products that we make. Our in-house service department is very responsive, and handles all service requests as a priority. Customers may return a product directly to Digital Instruments, and have it promptly repaired or recalibrated.

E-mail questions or concerns directly to the departments below:

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