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Air Dryer Controllers:

Digital Instruments has extensive engineering and manufacturing experience in the OEM compressed air dryer industry. Digital's dryer and monitor controller designs are currently being used by several major air dryer manufacturers. Digital also produces auxiliary equipment, such as wire harnesses, temperature probes, and electro-mechanical enclosure assemblies. Digital Instrument's expertise includes:
    Compressed Air Dryer Controller Technologies:
  • Refrigerated air dryers.
  • Single and dual tower desiccant air dryers.
  • Heated, heatless, and blown air regeneration.
  • Variable cycle timer and energy saving technologies.
  • Controllers for 50 cfm to 5000 cfm.
  • Operating voltages from 110 VAC to 660 VAC.
 Dryer Control and Monitoring Options:
  • Air and desiccant temperature monitors.
  • Humidity and dew point sensors.
  • Core heater temperature alarms.
  • Condensate level detection.
  • User selectable fixed or variable time cycles.
  • Energy savings demand based controls.
  • AC power source monitoring.
    Sensor , Control and User Interfaces:
  • Low to medium temperature RTD and thermistor sensors.
  • High temperature thermocouple probes.
  • Custom probe cable, termination and well designs.
  • Mechanical relay and/or SSR load contactors.
  • AC and DC remote contact sensor interfaces.
  • 4-20ma current loop transmitter and receiver interface.
  • Customizable input/output control signaling protocols.
  • Customizable LCD display and LED indicators.
  • Customer branded controller panels and overlays.

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