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Temperature Monitors

Digital Instruments specializes in temperature monitors and control systems. We offer monitors featuring readable and reliable displays, remote monitoring capability and multiple I/O lines for complex control functions at a fraction of the cost of a comparable PLC. When accuracy is critical, Digital Instruments' proven monitors and controls will help set you apart from your competitors. Our standard temperature monitors offer:photo
  • LCD alphanumeric or LED displays.
  • Customizable layout of keypad switches.
  • High accuracy temperature sensors, accurate to 0.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Thermistor, RTD, or thermocouple sensor technologies.
  • Audiovisual alarms indicting temperature and power failures.
  • Built-in calibration test for accuracy.
  • One touch self-test system review.
  • On-board battery backup and power failure detection system.
  • Signal terminals for remote monitor system connection.
  • Multiple temperature range set points.
  • Internal non-volatile status and event logging system.
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