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Digital Instruments, Inc DI-120D Infared Thermometer:

Infared thermometers measure the body temperature based on the infared energy emitted from the eardrum or forehead. Users can quickly get the temperature measurement results after properly positioning the temperature probe in the ear or on the forehead, and depressing the measurement button. Once the reading has been completed, remove the probe from the ear or forehead and observe the displayed temperature. If the temperature is between 32.0°C and 37.5°C (89.6°F and 99.5°F), the screen will turn green, and sound one long beep. If the temperature is between 37.6°C and 38.0°C (99.7°F and 100.4°F), the screen will turn orange, and sound six short beeps, each with two short sounds, to indicate a low fever. A temperature of between 38.1C and 42.9°C (100.6°F and 109.2°F) will result in a red screen and six short beeps, each with two short sounds, indicating a high fever.                      

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