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Precision Temperature Probes:

Digital Instruments builds thousands of temperature probes each year. We manufacture our own line of temperature probes, but also specialize in the design and assembly of probes to meet our customer's specifications. Digital Instruments self-test probes are a specialty that you will not find anywhere else.

photo    Custom Temperature Probe Options Include:
  • Thermistor sensor technology. (-40°C to +150°C)
  • Platinum and nickel thin film and wire wound RTDs. (-80°C to + 200°C)
  • Standard and low noise thermocouples. (-200°C to +2000°C)
  • Custom RTD/TED and thermistor/TED sensor stack assemblies.
  • Metal or nonmetallic wells in customer specified length and diameter.
  • Custom lead wires and cable assemblies.
  • A wide range of sensor insulating and potting options.
  • Custom or private labeling.
  • Sensor test and calibration options.
  • Temperature sensor design services.


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