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Engineering Capabilities:

With our in-house engineering staff, Digital Instruments can provide unmatched expertise and service. Digital's design Engineers will serve as managers of your project, and with a comprehensive suite of solutions, our team will keep you, the customer, informed of timelines and deliverables. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your project is on time, and completed to your satisfaction. Our engineering capabilities include:
  • PCB layout, CAD design development.
  • Custom controllers, monitors, and alarm systems.
  • Medical and Cryo specimen storage monitors.
  • Process monitoring Systems.
  • High precision temperature probes.
  • Wireless network and remote monitoring devices.
  • Wire harness and custom cable design.
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies.
  • Battery controlled devices.
  • Printing press process monitoring systems.
  • GPS Tracking Devices.
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